Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What a weekend

So I talked last week about the Thompson's Waterseal being poured on my basement floor. My husband came home on Friday night and told me that we need to evacuate the house because the odor was too strong. So he read the side of the can and yep we needed to get out of the house.

We opened all the windows to the house and packed up some clothes and went to grandma and grandpas house. They live 2 doors down from us. Bernie used mineral spirits to scrub down the cement.

Grandma and Grandpas house is nice....but HOT!!! I had the hardest time sleeping. Drew was up by 6am so I decided to walk home so he didn't wake grandma and grandpa. I go outside and we got 6 more inches of snow!!!! YUK

When I walked into the house it smelled like the mineral spirits so I opened a bunch of windows again. I aired out the house as much as I could. The odor is much better now, but still there. What can we do, it'll probably smell until springtime when we can open the windows a bit.

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