Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Job Offer

I applied for this job about a month ago. It is through the RAMP organization. Drew has a RAMP advocate that comes to his IEP meetings. Ramp advocates help people with disabilities find housing, jobs and helps children with disabilities to get the services that they need through their school district.

They just sent me an email with a job description for a full-time and a part-time position. They want me to answer three questions and my preference of which job I would like. The full time position has benefits, vacation time and all of the good stuff that comes with it, the part-time job has no benefits...but maybe I can drive bus and do this job in the middle of the day.

I contacted a Daycare center today and they do not do 1/2 days at their center. ( I only wanted Drew to do 4 1/2 days and 1 full day on Fridays) So it would cost $157 per week for him. When the boys are out of school I would have to pay $33 per day or $135 per week per child in the summer. That is so much money. I could stay home and do daycare for the amount of money that is left over after paying daycare.

I want this job so badly...I think it could lead into another job in the future and I would be helping kids and adults like my Drew. I just don't know if it is the time to do a job like this.

I have been asking myself all day today...Should I go for the full-time job or drive bus and go for the part-time position and see if I can do those together? I have too many decisions to make.

I am going to stew about this for another day or so before I get back to the Human Resources Director.

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