Monday, February 16, 2009

To join baseball or not to join baseball

This past week Alex and Bryce had to decide whether to do baseball during the summer.

Bryce is only in 1st grade so I just signed him up. I think the boys should at least try a sport so they can decide if they enjoy it or not. He seems to be excited about doing baseball for the first time. The only comment he made was "Will this mess with me playing soccer?" Too funny. Bryce loves soccer so much.

Alex was so funny too. Next year he will be going into 6th grade. So that means he will be in the "Bronco" league. That is the big time league for him. He asked me "Mom, do the kids pitch to you?" I told him yes they do and the balls do get much faster. He thought about it for a while and said, "I want to play and I don't want to play." I asked him what he meant by that. I wanted him to talk through his reasons. Then he says......"I don't want to play because I don't want to get pegged in the stomach or face with a ball." "And besides, I'm not very good at baseball and I think that by the Bronco league only the kids that are really good play baseball." I tried so hard not to laugh at his statement. He is my worry wart. He always worries about getting injured.

I am fine with him not playing. The boys would be both playing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights and we would have to be in town for 2 different games at two totally different locations. I know that there are parents that do this....I am just not one that really wants to.

Alex has tried karate, swimming, soccer, bowling, baseball, and basketball. So far he is really good at swimming and loves to play basketball. He has signed up to play boys volleyball through school. Next year he wants to do cross-country running with one of his friends. I am not going to force him to be in sports. I told him that it is okay to like to watch sports and not want to participate in them.

Bryce is 3 years younger than Alex and hasn't had the opportunity to try a ton of sports yet. So far Bryce has done 2 years of soccer and loves it. He isn't old enough to do basketball through school yet. But he is ready to try baseball.

I love my boys no matter what they do in their lives. That is all that really matters...isn't it?

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