Monday, February 9, 2009

Sick Kids....AGAIN

Oh my, what a weekend. On Thursday evening Drew came down with a terrible cold. He had a low grade fever, cough and runny nose. He has been whiny and crabby for 3 days now. I did send him off to school because his fever is gone and his runny nose is much better.

On Friday, Alex my 10 year old came home from school and said he didn't feel very well. I took his temperature and sure enough 99.7 !!! On Saturday he started with the cough and runny nose. On Sunday, his fever was gone and he said he felt much Bernie took him to his basketball game. After the game he said that it was so hard to run because he kept coughing. I sent him to school today and I got a call at 10am to come and pick him up because his fever was back. Mind you, he had just gone to PE class and they did basketball so he was running the whole time. He did look flushed and his temperature was only 99.1!!!! I went to pick him up because I know he wasn't feeling well.

Yesterday, Bryce came down with the COLD! Now he is running a low grade fever. I hope he feels much better tomorrow.

I'll have to let you all know more tomorrow.

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