Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Up and out of bed

What a morning. My kids actually got out of bed without me having to go to their rooms 3 times to get them up.

We are having such a wonderful day.

Bryce got dressed, his breakfast ready, and his backpack packed without me having to ask him every 5 minutes. Alex got up and took a shower, ate breakfast, made his lunch (he hasn't done that in over 4 months), got dressed and got his backpack packed up. What happened to my children? I like these new kids, I didn' thave to raise my voice one time this morning.

Today is going to be a GREAT day. It has been so cold and snowy and dark in the mornings that my kids never want to get out of bed. What a change. I hope this means that spring is around the corner. I know it starts to warm up a bit at the end of March so only about 4 more weeks of this crazy weather.

I could definately have many more mornings like today...Yeah!

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  1. Enjoy! We should all have days like this once in a while. :)