Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it a good day or bad day?

In about an hour I have to drive to town to see my gynecologist.

I will be finding out my biopsy results from last week. I am so nervous. I know that I do not have many risk factors against me.....but I am still very nervous.

My husband cannot come with me so I am going alone...with one of my daycare kids.

I made a huge list of questions for the doc to answer for my scheduled surgery. I am trying to get everything into place before the surgery. Which is only 2 weeks from tomorrow.....YIKES! I think I am going to make up some food for at least a week to freeze so all my dear husband has to do is warm it in the oven. I need to set out my 3 year olds clothes for 1 week because my husband is color blind. I have a lot to do to keep my mind off of "the surgery"

Well, I better get going I'll let you all know how it goes when I get home from "the appointment."

We will see if it is going to be a good day for me or a bad day.

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